Adventure city

„Our monsters seem to be harmless when you climb on them, but you should read their origin. They are from South Asia, Australia or Greenland and some of them even spit fire!”

Patagonian thunder thorn

Thunder thorns belong to the oldest living animal species. They were considered to be extinct for a long time and are more or less unexplored. You can see the only living thunder thorn worldwide here in the Family-Garden!

Pot-bellied horse

The characteristics of a pot-bellied horse which are little known here include that those animals compete against each other in multi-voiced singing rituals. Pot-bellied horses succeeded repeatedly in reaching the „top ten“ of the music charts in Mongolia.

Swabia Schneck

The original habitat of the Swabia Schneck is in the Northern foothills of the Alps. It spread across Germany in the second half of the 20th century. The population also increased dramatically in the Berlin exurbs for several years.

Roller foot spike tail

Spike tails are used by Australian Aborigines as reliable means of transport for ritual dream journeys. Spike tails feed on sunlight. A fuel-eating subspecies extinct approx. 30,000 years ago.

Burmese belly glider

Without doubt, belly gliders belong to the curiosities of wildlife. It is particularly astonishing that the animals speak fluent German. It was known that the poet Johann Wolfgang von Goethe had a belly glider. It is supposed that several of his most famous poems were actually written by this animal.

Boa Conflictor

The name Boa Conflictor distracts a little from the fact that this snake which was just recently discovered in an ice cube mine in Greenland belongs to the most peaceful animals around. This is not really surprising, because the cold-blooded Boa Conflictor practically does not move at all with the low temperatures of its usual habitat.