Fairy tale forest

„Children can not only explore their phantasy but also their spirit of discovery in our fairy tale forest. The greatest thing for adults: to observe how own stories are created while playing.”

Whether climbing, swinging or hiding - get wild!

There are many winding paths, dark tunnels and crazy tree houses which reveal the child inside of the young and old.

Visit the magic castle, the bird´s nest or the fishing village. Perhaps you also visit the Baba-Jaga-house. What lies behind it? Discover and experience yourself the fantastic fairy tale playground of the Family-Garden in Eberswalde!

Fishing village

„Our fishing village offers many play opportunities. It is also the perfect place for a little break.“

You can not only play, get wild or hide wonderfully here, but also take a little break to rest. The fishing village can be reached via an upper path. In addition, there is a window in the lower part which can be used as entrance to the inside. Exciting things are awaiting you inside.

Bird´s nest

„It looks like the mother bird is not here. What is inside of the floating nest? Climb inside and find it out.“

The bird´s nest floats above the ground and you can try to climb inside. It looks abandoned at first glance. Do you know which bird lives here? Climb inside the nest and you can let it swing wonderfully.