Giant slide in the crane runway

„Even the most courageous children must take a deep breath before sliding down our giant slide. But despite the age limit, nobody has to go away empty-handed: we have a playground for little children with many monsters which requires a lot of courage.”

The giant slide at the historical crane runway has two breathtaking slide tubes.

But caution: the steeper slider can only be used by children 12 years or older. Almost as fast: the flatter slide can be used by children of 8 years or older.

The crane runway is quite young compared to the history of the area. It was built in 1963/64 and used to handle solid fuels for the local coal trade. It was shut down in 1992. It has a height of approx. 8.10 m and a basic size of 30 m x 18 m. Today, it offers as platform a fascinating view of our garden world.

Information: Access to the crane runway from age 8.