Activity station Nautilus

„Children are always impressed by our Nautilus. The best thing is: adults don´t need to do anything for this. Due to their curiosity, the children have the idea quickly to bring the boat to daylight. Even if they break into a proper sweat.”

There is an excellent possibility to realize a fantastic physical experiment in the area of the open canals in front of the civic hall.

Based on the topic future vision from the period of the industrial revolution, we want to bring a vision to live for a short period. This concerns an artistic object inspired by the generally known Nautilus topic.  With the “latest technology”, e.g. air, the wreck is lifted from the ocean ground. By trying personally and with breaking into a sweat, this interesting and mysterious technology will provide topics for inspiring „scientific talks“ for a long time.

But this requires hard work and only those who have endurance and team spirit will succeed in bringing the legendary boat to daylight.