Eber assembly crane with observation deck

„The Eber assembly crane has become a landmark of our family garden and the industrial landscape, in particular. There is an observation deck on top of the crane and the way up is already an experience.”

Enjoy the wide view from the observation deck of the area of the Family-Garden and the historic industrial buildings! The Eber assembly crane was built in 1954 as model for an assembly crane series. It remained on the factory premises and was used for the preassembly of other cranes. Due to its striking silhouette, it still serves as landmark of the industrial landscape of the Finow valley today. 

The Eberswalde high-altitude pass

The Eber assembly crane with its observation deck is one of many highlights of a special kind where the Eberswalde high-altitude pass can be obtained.  You can get the punch card from the tourist information at the tourist centre next to the entrance to the Family-Garden and obtain the Eberswalde high-altitude pass by climbing up at least 3 of the 4 viewpoints of Eberswalde.

Good to know: the high-altitude pass season runs from the beginning of April to the end of October. You can find all further information and participation conditions here.

Information: access to the Eber assembly crane for children and juveniles up to 16 years only if accompanied by an adult.

Technical data of the crane

Load capacity

  • Main hoist: 32.0 t
  • Auxiliary hoist: 0.5 t

Working speed and installed capacity

  • Main hoisting gear: 10.0 m/min 64 kW
  • Auxiliary hoisting gear: 30.0 m/min 27 kW
  • Slewing gear: 64 U/min 20 kW
  • Luffing gear: 9 min 12 kW
  • Gear: 25.0 m/min 8x6 kW


  • Construction weight: approx. 326 t
  • Ballast in the tower: 102 t
  • Fixed counterweight: 28 t
  • Movable counterweight: 44 t
  • Operating height: approx. 500 t
  • Construction height: approx. 58 m

Visitor deck

  • Construction weight: approx. 16 t
  • Load: maximum of 50 persons (5,000 kg)
  • Deck height: approx. 30 m