Garden world

„Our visitors can learn here what heavy metal has to do with plants, how a Japanese garden looks and which plants help our body in case of a minor illness.”

The garden world is an own small world - each garden plays with new dimensions and arrangements. A kaleidoscope of possibilities - forms, colours, types and variety - and each garden tells a story. In fact, the garden world forms a whole, but it consists of many individual “mini gardens” which can also be referred to as beds. Each individual mini garden is marked with a stone frame and the name is written on a metal plate. The garden was originally created for the State Garden Show 2002.

From medicine to love

The „pharmacy garden“ represents an over-sized drawn body and the plants are on its body parts which are good for the corresponding organs. The „sensory and scent garden“ which shows a giant head works similar. And in the “love garden” the visitors view from intimate seating niches entwined by climbing roses over lavish red rose hearts.

Highlights of the garden world

The two „chocolate boxes“ are appealing which form the entrance area to the garden world. Other gardens are limited to one topic such as rhododendron, decorative fruits or azaleas and show the variety of the individual species. Perennial gardens with special colour ranges complete the picture.

Experience nature´s diversity very close - or from above

Each garden is accessible and can be discovered on small paths and tracks. But also the view from the crane runway (8 m) over the band of gardens provides you with a panorama of a special kind. The band of gardens shows a different face every month and invites you to enjoy and admire the flower diversity again and again.