Renting / Meetings

For meetings, presentations, concerts, family celebrations and many other events, we offer you our hall on the ground floor of the tourism centre, our conference hall and the foyer in the same house as well as the civic hall „Hufeisenfabrik“ and the foyer of the civic hall, which can also be booked individually.

Events take place in the civic hall (Hufeisenfabrik) several times per year, which attract many spectators. The former horseshoe plant offers us a great location for culture and entertainment. The plant was the “flower hall” during the State Garden Show Eberswalde 2002 and was used for several beautiful flower shows. Today, it is used as civic hall for many cultural events and can also be rented.

Many variations with different technical and spatial possibilities such as an own backstage area in the civic hall or a complete equipment with sound and light technology give your ideas an extensive creative flexibility. You are not sure where to make the most of your event? Call us and we will find it out together:

Contact for rental matters:
Ines Müller
Telephone: (+49) 0 33 34 - 38 49 60
Fax: (+49) 0 33 34 - 39 49 20

If you are interested, please call us or use our contact form.

Hall ground floor
Size: 150 sqm
Seating capacity: 80 seats
Facilities: chairs and tables
Possibilities: presentations and social events, exhibitions
Catering: bookable, own caterer also possible

Conference hall and foyer
Size: 200 sqm + 70 sqm foyer
Seating capacity: 140 seats in theatre seating, 80 seats in table seating
Facilities: stage, screen, lighting and sound
Possibilities: meetings, receptions, presentations, theatre and cabaret, events, exhibitions, fairs
Catering: bookable, own caterer also possible

Civic hall „Hufeisenfabrik“
Hall civic centre Size: 1,000 sqm
Seating capacity: 800 seats in theatre seating, 600 seats in table seating, 1,000 persons without seating
Facilities: stage, screen, 3 artists´ dressing rooms, artists´ toilets and showers, lighting and sound, hall size can be modified flexibly
Possibilities: meetings, fairs, theatre, party, receptions, company parties, balls, examinations and much more
Catering: bookable, own caterer also possible

Foyer civic hall
Size: 200 sqm
Seating capacity: 100 seats in theatre seating, 60 seats in table seating
Facilities: cash desk, wardrobe, accessible toilet
Possibilities: receptions, exhibits, events
Catering: bookable, own caterer also possible

0pen-air stage
Size: 15 m x 15 m
Seating capacity: 4,500 persons without seating, up to 1,500 persons in theatre seating
Facilities: visitor areas partly roofed, stage area roofed, backstage area with artists´ dressing rooms, toilets and showers
Possibilities: concerts, parties, company parties, fairs, children´s programs and much more
Catering: bookable, own caterer also possible

Size: 17 ha
Facilities: different event areas such as party field, triangle field, roofed and open areas, old rolling mill, various opportunities regarding route use for event locations and green classroom
Possibilities: fairs, parties, sporting events, family celebrations, company parties, school events etc.
Catering: bookable, own caterer also possible