Witches' kitchen and stinging nettle labyrinth

„There has never been a witch without a kitchen. Children visiting us love the imagination that a real witch can brew magic potions with stinging nettles in the kitchen.”

Getting wild and playing outside in fresh air in the stinging nettle forest is at least as much fun as exercising on the enchantingly exceptional wooden play objects of the famous artist Juergen Bergmann.

There are balance beams to cross the stinging nettle labyrinth. Don´t worry: you can also hold on to the rope-ways and the beams are not very high.

The witches’ kitchen

There is a small enchanted witches´ kitchen in the middle of the dense stinging nettle labyrinth. A thunderstorm and the bubbling of cooking pots can be heard when you get closer. There are two possibilities to take a look at the witches´ kitchen - find out both of them and you will discover something mysterious!

Our tip: Descend to the dark world below the hut. But be careful! It is difficult in the narrow alleys to stay on the right track to get the mysterious look inside. After this mystical excursion, a trip through the stinging nettle labyrinth should be made. But take care that you do not get lost and find the way out.