„The Family-Garden Eberswalde has also a sportive side. Throw balls again and feel like in Southern France quickly.”

The BOCCIA course offers games and fun for any age.

Game rules:
The objective is to place the own ball closer to the coloured ball (Palino) than the opponent party. As long as the opponent´s ball is closer (to the Palino), the game continues.

1 point is awarded for each ball which is closer to the Palino after one round than the best ball of the opponent. A round is over when both teams played all balls.

The game is continued then from the opposing side of the course. The game lasts until 15 points are reached. 11 or 12 points are also usual.

Always 2 teams play against each other:

  • Single: 4 balls for each player
  • Double: 2 balls for each player (4 balls per team)
  • Team of three: 2 balls for each player (6 balls per team)

Rental costs per day: 1 set with 3 balls and container and 1 coloured ball (Palino): € 3.00.

Security for 1 set with a coloured ball amounts to € 20.00. BOCCIA balls can be rented at the information in the tourist centre (main entrance).